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The Ultimate Baby Shower Planner Guide for Expecting Parents 2023

September 5, 2023

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Claudia Sandino

Remember, this baby shower is a celebration of you and your baby journey. So take your time, have fun with it, and make it uniquely yours.

Hey there, soon-to-be Superparents! So, the big news is out and you're expecting a little bundle of joy! 🎉 Happy dance! We know that you're on cloud nine and ready to dive into this incredible adventure. But wait, before the diaper-changing marathons and adorable baby giggles begin, there's a super fun pit stop on the way: your baby shower! 🍼✨

Let's be honest, planning a baby shower might sound like a lot, but worry not, because we've got your back. 😉 We're here to help you breeze through the planning process, so you can focus on that pregnancy glow and all the excitement ahead, we even have some hacks that you should not be living without in 2023.

Set the Date

Picture this; friends and family gathered to celebrate your baby-to-be. Think about when you'll be feeling your best and when your VIP guests are available (and where). 

Pick a Theme

Choosing a theme is like picking the perfect outfit for your baby shower. Go whimsical, classic, or whatever feels like you. Think decorations, colors, and all the cute little details! Don’t know what theme to choose? Try our baby shower planner and ask AI 

The Guest List

Jot down the names of your nearest and dearest, from your BFFs to your Great Aunt Mabel. Remember, it's all about celebrating with your favorite people. You know we love a good Village moment. Also, is it women only? No kids allowed? or co-ed? Do yourself a favor and start a Baby Page, it's like a wedding website but for you and baby. To keep everyone informed in one place, involve your loved ones virtually if they cannot make it to your shower, you can even start a diaper fund! Trust me the diaper fund is a win-win, you save yourself some storage space and they avoid a trip to the store. Having multiple baby showers? You will definitely need a baby page to list multiple registries, events, and make it seamless for your guests. When it comes to bringing your village together, we have your back.

Let’s talk Venue

Whether it's at your home, a cozy cafe, or a dreamy garden, choose a spot that'll make your heart flutter. Don't forget to think about weather and space! Also stuck on this part? Ask our Baby Shower Planner 

How about Food? 

Think delicious bites that'll make everyone's taste buds dance. You can go fancy or keep it casual—it's all about your style. Are you having a dry baby shower? Get Gruvi! From a Gold-Medal winning Lager to a full-bodied Red Blend, Rose, and everything in between. They definitely have great alcohol-free options for you to celebrate with!

Baby Shower games galore 

Get ready for some giggles! Baby-themed games like "Guess the Baby Food" or "Baby Bingo" are sure to keep the party buzzing. Also something you can easily ask our virtual planner assistant. Not into IRL games? Create a gender reveal game that everyone can play near and far. It takes 5 minutes to create one and loved ones can guess your baby's gender while contributing to your diaper fund! It’s a win-win for everyone!

Can’t forget picture perfect moments

Memories are your best souvenirs! Set up a photo booth with cute props so your guests can snap away and create memories. I am also a big fan of using Polaroids and hiring a photographer so you do not have to worry about any of it. Use your baby pages to share your baby shower photo albums with everyone in one easy place to find. 

What about a Showstopper Cake? 

Let's talk about the cake, shall we? Go for something that looks as sweet as it tastes. Baby animals, rainbows, or whatever makes you smile. We actually have a whole blog on the Holy Cow theme that has some amazon toppers we love!

Time for snazzy invitations! 

Send out invites that reflect your theme and get everyone excited. Don't forget to include all the key details, maybe even the link to your Baby Page if it’s digital or a QR code if it’s a paper invite. Ask our trusted baby shower planner for more ideas on invites.

Last but not least, Heartfelt Favors

Show some love with adorable favors that your guests can take home. Tiny succulents, personalized treats, the sky's the limit and you can make them match your theme, style, or personality. 

villie baby pages

Remember, this is a celebration of you and your baby journey. So take your time, have fun with it, and make it uniquely yours. Also, it’s 2023 and this is your chance to use artificial intelligence to do the work for you! Try our baby shower planner and get some time back for yourself, maybe even a spa day with all that extra time? And if you ever need a virtual high-five or some more baby shower inspo, we're just a reply away!

Here's to celebrating the magic that's about to join your world. 🌟 Let the countdown to baby cuteness and sleepless nights begin! 

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