We Bring Your Village Together to Support Your Baby

We're on a mission to support expecting and new moms (and dads!). We help you share milestones, ask for items you actually need and build community around your baby.

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Hi there, I’m Kim

Having a baby is the most amazing thing. But as a mom of two I can tell you it’s emotional and hard too. Everything is new and ever changing! Mom’s need all of the love and help they can get throughout pregnancy, the early days with baby and beyond. But we moms don’t ask for what we need, we just assume people will know how to help.

And, here’s the thing...family and friends have the best intentions. They shower you with loud toys, tiny onesies, and way too much advice. But you know what they usually miss? The support you actually need.

I founded Villie to help you get what you need from your village - what we call your Villie - so you can focus on you and your baby.

Villie’s mission - to support moms through all the milestones of pregnancy, birth and beyond - is inspired by my West African culture. When a woman has a baby there, the entire family surrounds her and showers her with support.

What support means to every mom is different, that’s why we’ve created Villie to help you connect with your loved ones starting with our baby sites and gender reveal game. Bring along your entire community and let’s get you the (helpful) support you need.

Xo, Kim

Our Values

It’s All About You

Some leave parents behind to focus on the baby. Not us, we are here for you!

Let’s Have Fun

We make it easy and fun for everyone to support you and your baby.

Connection is Everything

We take on the heavy lifting to build a strong community around your new baby.

It Takes a Villie

You are never alone. Plus, we’re here for your Village too.

You Define Support

We mobilize your Village to bring the help you need - cash, food, gifts - you name it.

We Celebrate it All

From bump pics to delivery to birthdays, we’re here for it!

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