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Ready to celebrate your baby with a Baby Shower? This tool is what you need to get started.

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How it Works

Your entire baby shower, planned for you.

Skip hours of research, Pinterest and comparing decor. Start getting inspiration in minutes tailored to your taste, your family and the new baby.

Custom tips and recommendations.

From dessert table ideas to invitation tips and a curated list of games and activities, we've got you covered for a memorable celebration.

Ask all your questions and get immediate answers 24/7

Your very own personal baby shower assistant. Bookmark this page and return as often as you'd like, letting our bot take care of all the details for your big day.

AI Baby Shower PLANNing tool

Your (AI) Baby Shower Planner

How to Get Started + Prompt Ideas
If this is your first or fifteenth time using AI, it helps to have some guides for prompts (or what you ask to get started). Try these:

Start with setting the scene: 

Hey there. I'm pregnant with my first baby due Oct 6. It's a girl! I need help planning a baby shower.

From there, go have fun!

What are some themes for baby showers that are trending right now?

Can you suggest creative and fun game ideas that guests will enjoy?

How can I create and send digital invitations? 

How do I delegate to my MIL? 

Go have fun!

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