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This is your mom-made solution to find the best pacifier for your baby. We love Soothe Beginnings! They sell a Pacifier Starter Kit, which is perfect to help you find the perfect paci for your baby. Did you know there are different shapes? The kit comes with all three. Additionally, this company prioritizes safety to your baby and the health of our planet. Two wins in our book.

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Win A Personalized Pacifier ($65 value)

The Modern Pacifier

Meet Soothe Beginnings, the eco-friendly system that makes soothing your baby easier (and more stylish) than ever. Experience the perfect blend of convenience, sustainability, and safety for your little one. Enter now to win the Soothe Beginnings Starter Kit.

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Win A Personalized Pacifier ($65 value)

Soothe Beginnings

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