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Yay! So happy to see how big the baby is growing. Love you guys 💞
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Welcome home from the hospital!
I'll drop off a lasagna 🥰

With Villie You Can...

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When you create your Villie page, you get to define the support you need. From gifts to donations to help with chores, you name it and we help you ask for it.

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Baby on the way? Let’s play! Tap into the fun and competitive nature in all of us all with the Gender Reveal Game. Your friends & family vote boy or girl and we pick the random winner. It’s fun!

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Ville fundraising

We know you have more than one! You can list multiple baby registries on your Ville page so it’s easy for everyone to find. We will remind your village to shop so you don’t have to.

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Villie Baby page events and milestones

Share news with everyone all at once. Yes! You no longer need to send the same message to every group text and contact on your phone. Remember that time you forgot someone important? Not anymore!

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Villie editing privacy

Everything you share stays private with your village. We take privacy and security seriously and we will not sell or share your information. 

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The Villie Market

Every village needs a market! We’ve got the best of the best for everyone in the Village, not just mom and baby.
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Hey, have you checked out
the Villie Market!? 🔥🔥🔥

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That’s right! You get all of Villie for free. Create your Villie Baby Page and you’ll also get special treats and deals from our favorite brands.

Free Tools by Villie

AI-powered Baby Name Generator

Our AI-powered Baby Name Generator is the first of its kind! It knows all the right stuff to guide you on your baby name journey.
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Gender Reveal Game

Baby on the way? Let’s play! Start a virtual gender reveal guessing game for the whole family to play.
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AI-powered Baby Shower Planner

Get your entire baby shower, planned for you. Answer a few questions to get inspiration tailored to your taste, your budget, and your family.
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Villie’s Gender Predictor

We combined the ancient lunar calendar with twenty-first-century tech. Plug in a few details and we’ll predict boy or girl! 
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Get exclusive freebies and special offers from our favorite brands.

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What Our Families have to Say

This was a wonderful way for both of our families to come together as one.

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Deija G.

Atlanta GA

We was only expecting to raise maybe $100 dollars at most who knew this would generate an extra $800 in funds to go towards our newborn its truly a blessing.

profile picture of sheep

Jarvis G.

Atlanta GA

Appreciate you and my Villie site. Informing all the folks at once is super clutch! 💥

profile picture of sheep

Tiffany G.

Long Beach CA

I am a new member of the Villie community, so far I ordered the Villie sample box which I received a few days ago and WOW!!!! I absolutely LOVE their products already!

profile picture of sheep

Brandi M.

Benton LA
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