Gender Reveal Game FAQs

What is a Gender Reveal Game?
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The Gender Reveal Game is a fun way for expectant parents to celebrate their new baby with all of their loved ones. It only takes a few minutes to set up, then everyone can start guessing the baby’s gender. For each guess, your village can make an optional contribution to your diaper cash fun. It’s an exciting way to bring everyone together and parents can raise funds to buy what her new baby needs. Truly a win-win for the whole family!
Why should I sign up Gender Reveal Game?
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The Gender Reveal Game lives in your Villie Baby Page. When you set up your page, you will be asked if you want to create a Gender Reveal Game. If you say yes, you will need to answer these questions:

- What’s your game’s name?
- What’s the game’s end date (When you want to make the reveal)?
- What’s the suggested diaper fund contribution per guess ($5, $10 and $20 are most common!)?
- What prize the randomly selected ‘winner’ will receive?

And that’s it. All you have to do is share your link and people can start guessing.

Here’s the link to get started.
Who Can Play?
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Anyone with the link to your Villie Baby Page.
Is My Game Private?
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Only people with your unique link can access your game.
I Need to End My Game Early. How?
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You can delete or cancel your game at any time, just like you can delete your Villie Baby Page. Login and it's an option on your dashboard.

NOTE: When you click ‘Delete Game’ on your Villie page anyone who made a vote will be refunded.

For help with this, contact the Villie team anytime via email ( or text us directly at (833) 495-4638.
How Do I Edit My Game?
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Click Edit on your game’s dashboard. You can find this dashboard when you log in.
How Do I End My Game?
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You do it manually through your dashboard. When the game ends, click ‘Add the Gender’ and you’ll be taken to the game closeout page. Here you can also add additional info about your baby on this page.
How Is a Winner Chosen?
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All of the correct voters have a chance to win. Our system will randomly select one of them and notify both you and the winner when the game ends.
How Does the Winner Get Their Prize?
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You will receive the winner’s contact information after the game, then you can send them your chosen prize.
Does the Game Cost Anything?
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The Gender Reveal Game is 100% free for parents. We do collect a 10% transaction fee from each vote made by voters when they take a guess.
How Do I Get my Funds?
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All payments are securely processed through CashApp or Paypal and will be deposited directly into your bank account. Payout options include Paypal or Cashapp. Payouts are sent within 5 days of request.
Are Payments Secure?
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Yes! We use Stripe and Paypal to process all of your payments. Stripe uses high-security technology to keep payments secure.

For more information about Stripe's dedication to secure transactions check out:
Are Payments Secure?
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Yes! We use Stripe and Paypal to process all of your payments. Stripe uses high-security technology to keep payments secure.

For more information about Stripe's dedication to secure transactions check out:
I Need Inspiration: What’s a Good Game Name?
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You do you! Some of our favorites are: 

- He or She: What will Baby Be?
- Baby Number 2! Pink or Blue?
- Baby <Last Name> What will it Be?
- Baseballs or Bows?
- Is it a Prince or a Princess?
I Need Inspiration: What’s a Good Prize for the Winner?
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Your options here are also endless! Some of our favorites, inspired by other parents are:
- A gift card or gift basket
- When baby is born, they get to know the name first
- A chance to help pick the baby’s middle name
I Need Inspiration: How Do I Promote My Game?
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Don't be shy. The most active games have parents who promote their games many times. Consistency is key in all of our top games.

Based on the feedback we know your loved ones want to support you and will gladly play the game. You just need to remind them because they tend to forget easily or have other things going on. However, with daily reminders on social media or every so often through text or Whatsapp, you can make sure that everyone gets a chance to play and help you reach your goal.

Some other ideas to promote your game are:

- Add the game link to your Instagram bio.
- Share the game link via text message.
- If you have an e-invite platform, such as Paperless Post or a Facebook event page, add the game link there.
- Print a QR code and make it available on the day of your baby shower or gender reveal party.
- Create Instagram stories to promote the game.
- Share the game link on your Facebook page.

Remember you control your link - only share it with people you want to have it.
Need More? Here’s Some Text Ideas to Promote Your Game:
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Join my gender reveal game for a chance to win a prize and contribute to 'baby X's' diaper fund! Click the link to play. [put your game link here]

Join our gender reveal game to guess our baby's gender and win a prize! Proceeds go towards baby essentials. Click the link to vote. [put your game link here]

Hey everyone! I just created a gender reveal game on Villie, play our game to guess the baby’s gender. Vote for $[amount] for a chance to win [entire prize here] and help us start our diaper fund! Here is the link (insert game link)

Hi guys! Quick reminder that the Gender Reveal Party is on [enter day and time]. Get your votes in now. What do you think? Boy or girl? Let us know on the Gender Reveal Game. (insert game link)

📆 reminder: 1 more week to get your vote in for the Gender Reveal! Go to our game and let us know what you think? For $[vote amount], you will be entered to win [enter your prize].

We are deeply appreciative of everyone in our circle for their love and support as we begin this exciting new chapter as parents. Rather than hosting a traditional gender reveal party, we have decided to create a gender reveal game on Villie. This game not only offers a sustainable alternative, but it is also incredibly simple to play and can be completed in just a few quick steps. By voting for $[amount], you can participate in the game and even have the chance to win [entire prize here] while also helping us start our diaper fund. Let us know if you have any questions about accessing the game. We express our heartfelt gratitude in advance to all who participate. Follow this link to access the game: (insert game link).

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to help us welcome 'baby X' into the world? Look no further than our gender reveal game on Villie! When you play, not only will you have the chance to win (insert prize), but you will also be contributing to 'baby X's' diaper fund. We are thrilled to invite you to take part in this unique and sustainable alternative to the traditional gender reveal party. The game is incredibly easy to play, and can be completed in just a few simple steps. Simply follow this link to access the game. (insert game link).

Hello friends and family! We hope you're doing well. This is just a friendly reminder that you have one week left to participate in our gender reveal game by Villie. We know gender roles are outdated these days, but you know what isn't? Money! All jokes aside, this is also an opportunity for us to raise funds for our baby's first year essentials, and we would be grateful for your support. By participating, you could also win (insert prize) as a thank you for your help. The game is easy to play - simply follow the link (insert link) and cast your vote. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you so much for supporting us as we embark on this new journey! We hope you find these helpful in promoting your game.
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