Villie Baby Page FAQs

What’s a Villie Baby Page?
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A Villie Baby Page is an easy, fun way to share all your family’s milestones with your village.  It’s a virtual village for you to connect with your community (and get some help!).

With a Baby Page - think a website for you and your baby from pregnancy and beyond - you can safely share photos, quickly document milestones, and create a virtual village that connects all your loved ones. It also holds registries, cash funds and makes it easy to ask for help.
What ideas can parents-to-be and parents do with a Villie Baby Page
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Use it to check in and mobilize the support you need from your friends and family! Here are some ideas from other Villie families: 

- Sonogram prints and bump pics
- Baby and mom updates like first kicks and doctor appointments
- Gender reveals - this is the home of the Gender Reveal Game!
- Celebration details like for a baby shower, Bris, or Christening
- Registry and diaper fund needs
- Birth announcements
- Baby updates like first stroller ride, first smile, etc
How Do I Get Started?
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Click on the Start a Villie button and go from there! We also have a 1 week bootcamp to get your site up and running. Your site is private and unpublished until you share the link.
How Do I Edit My Villie?
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When you login you'll see your Villie dashboard. There is an edit bar at the bottom left of your screen.
Is My Village Private?
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Yes. Your Villie has a unique link that is not discoverable on google or a search site. If you want someone to have access to your baby webpage you need to share your link.
How do I Add Other Registries to My Villie?
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See the registry section of your dashboard.
How Do I Start a Cash Diaper Fund?
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See the cash fund section of your dashboard. You can call your fund anything you want.
How Do I Create a Gender Reveal Game?
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The Gender Reveal Game is a fun way for expectant parents to celebrate their new baby with all of their loved ones. It only takes a few minutes to set up, then everyone can start guessing the baby’s gender. It’s an exciting way to bring everyone together and it's another way parents can raise funds to buy what her new baby needs. Truly a win-win for the whole family!

You can set up a gender reveal game from your dashboard at anytime.
How Will I Get My Cash?
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You can cash out through your dashboard.

All payments are securely processed through CashApp or Paypal and will be deposited directly into your bank account. Payout options include Paypal or Cashapp. Payouts are sent within 5 days of request.
Are Payments Secure?
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Yes! We use Stripe and Paypal to process all of your payments. Stripe uses high-security technology to keep payments secure. Click here to read about their dedication to secure transactions
How Do I Get a Free Baby Box?
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You qualify for a free baby box when you cash out at least $50 through your gender reveal game or your cash fund.
How Do I Share My Village?
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From your dashboard, go to the Villie baby page editor (it's the purple arrow next to Villie). Click on share button in the bottom left. You'll see a few options - What'sApp, Facebook, Email, Twitter and to cut/copy your special link.
How Do Updates Work?
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When you update your site, we automatically send an update to subscribers to your Village.

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