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Taco-Themed Baby Shower

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Claudia Sandino

Get all the tips to throw the perfect taco-themed baby shower!

Get ready to hop on the latest trend with a taco themed baby shower! Who doesn’t love tacos? Seriously, EVERYONE is about tacos right now. Whether you like your tacos street taco style or loaded with unique toppings, a taco party has a warm (or maybe spicy) place in our hearts! It doesn’t matter if you’re expecting a boy or a girl, this theme can do it all! It’s also a great gender neutral theme. Check out our favorite tips to host your own taco themed baby shower.


Invitations are the first step of any successful baby shower. Whether you’re feeling paper or electronic, here are some ideas to nail down your taco vibe.

  • Taco 'bout a Fiesta! Let's taco 'bout baby love, laughter, and all things delicious. You're invited to a taco-themed baby shower!
  • Spice up your day and join us for a taco-themed baby shower in honor of [Mom/family-to-be's Name]'s little fiesta!
  • Our little taco is on the way, and we can't wait to celebrate with a flavorful and fun baby shower! Join us for a taco-tastic time!
  • Taco 'bout the cutest baby ever! You're invited to a fiesta-filled baby shower to honor [Mom-to-be's Name] and her little bundle of joy.
  • Salsa your way over to [Baby's Name] baby shower fiesta! Tacos, laughter, and love await you!
  • Taco 'bout exciting news! We're throwing a fiesta to welcome [Mom-to-be's Name]'s little taco into the world. You're invited!
  • Our little one is spicing up our lives! Join us for a taco-themed baby shower to celebrate the joyous occasion.

You’ll also find lots of pre-made taco-theme options. Our favorite? Let your guests know you’re ready to party with these festive Taco Bout a Baby shower invitations. Each invitation includes a cute little lama, a cactus and other adorable on theme art!


The next step is creating the perfect atmosphere for your little taco (and of course all of the guests too)! We want to make sure you’re hosting the spiciest taco themed baby shower in town.


These “taco bout a baby” balloons will add just the right touch to the room! The kit also includes a smiling avocado balloon that brings the whole room together.

Paper fans:

Need even more décor? Who are we kidding, the more the better. Why not skip the traditional blue and pink this year! Let’s celebrate a new life with festive and exciting colors. Pro Tip: These decorations are also the way to go if you’re keeping the gender a secret!

A cactus diaper tower: 

Let’s face it…you’re going to need A LOT of diapers very soon. These fiesta themed diaper raffle tickets will help you stock up on diapers! They’ll also be a fun game for your guests to enjoy while you’re busy at the taco bar.


These are a win-win for decor and an activity! 

Table stuff:

This plastic tablecloth will set the taco bar theme and make clean up extra easy!

Food, drinks + dessert

But what about food!?  What else would you have at a ‘Taco Bout a Baby’ themed baby shower, except tacos! Please create a full spread taco bar! Let your guests self-serve and make their own tacos. Go above and beyond and include a salsa bar with unique salsa’s like black bean and corn. And don’t get stingy with the sides. Make sure you have plenty of sides to go with your tacos. Serve up some elotes, chips and guacamole, and queso!

For drinks?

Don’t forget a pitcher of non-alcoholic margaritas. Agua fresca can do double duty as a drink and decor. Never had one? The jist is fruit water - you blend seasonal fruit like watermelon and lime with water and a bit of sugar. Serve over ice.

Want to stay on taco-theme for your baby shower dessert?

Try churros or sopapillas. Don’t forget to order your churros with special blue or pink filling!


Wrap the party up with a festive party favor for your guests and a lot of leftover tacos!

Want More Help?

Villie has a baby shower secret weapon - try out our Baby Shower Planner. It takes Villie’s expertise and combines that with some AI magic so you get a personalized plan for your baby shower. Think all the details you know you wanted to read here (like activities, favors, and more). Try it! Trust us, it’s a lot of fun (and useful!)

Enjoy the Day!

We wish you the best and most delightful taco-themed baby shower. Want to be featured and inspire other Villie families? Tag us on Instagram or Tiktok.

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