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How to Make Your Gender Reveal Game a Hit on Your Villie Page

May 28, 2024

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Melissa Iftimie

Ready to make your Gender Reveal Game the talk of your Village? Here are our favorite tips to get more engagement, have more fun and raise some cash.

Are you ready to reveal boy or girl? Yes! Now that you have set up your Gender Reveal Game, it’s time to make it shine. A well-executed game not only builds anticipation but also keeps your friends and family engaged and that means more support for you. Here’s how to make sure your Gender Reveal Game is a smashing success.

Ready your Villie Page

There are few things you can do with your Villie page that makes it more you! 

Set your theme

Choose the colors that fit your style.

Add a welcome photo

Choose one that will make your friends and family smile.

Add a welcome message

Say hi in your own way.

Now, when you promote your game, people will come to your Villie page. This is a good time for them to send you gifts, so let’s be sure that is all set up too. Some call outs:

Add a fund

Call it whatever you want… a Diaper Fund, Postpartum Care Fund, Education Fund... this is cash for you.

Add your registries

You can add all of them in one place!

Read up on the Villie Must-Haves

Learn about the brands that are sponsoring your baby page. Villagers can send you gift cards to help out with these things that you need but might not feel comfortable asking for.

Get Your Village to Follow Your Villie for Updates

This is the best way to make things easier for you. Get your Village to sign up for Villie updates so you don’t have to bug them separately. Streamline communication first.

Offer a Prize

Prizes can significantly increase participation. Here are a few ideas that have been successful:

Split the Pot

Players can play your game for free or add a donation to their vote. One fun way to increase those donations is to split the pot. That means the winner takes home half of the pot, with the rest saved for your baby’s future needs.

Gift Cards

Always a hit, they offer winners flexibility and choice.

Sneak Peek at Baby Names

Give the winner an exclusive first look at the baby name shortlist. Consider what your audience would value most and make sure the prize is tempting enough to drive engagement.

That Winning Feeling

Can’t go wrong with this one!

Set an End Date

Make sure you add an end date for the reveal so people have some energy to get their votes in. Don’t worry, we have other ways you can excited your village and keep them engaged as you get closer to your due date (and beyond!). 

Promote your Gender Reveal Game

Seriously, don’t be shy. Start spreading the word about your Gender Reveal Game. You can find your special code from your Ville Dashboard. The more you talk about it, the more intrigued and involved your guests will be.

Keep Everyone Updated 

Regular updates are crucial. Share how the competition is going, who’s leading - boy or girl- and any shifts in the leaderboard. Also, use your Villie page to post updates about your pregnancy—ultrasound photos, cravings, and milestones. This keeps the game personal and maintains interest in both your journey and the game itself.

Foster Friendly Competition 

Encourage a little friendly rivalry among your friends and family by leaning into their competitive spirit. 

Tip: Use Updates on your Villie page to remind people to vote. 

Drop Teasers

At Villie we love to help you keep your village engaged. Here’s our favorite blog about predicting if you’re having a boy or girl tapping into some not so scientifically based old wives tales!

Reveal Boy or Girl With a Bang 

Plan to do the big reveal at your gender reveal party, but use the game on your Villie page to drum up excitement beforehand. Consider live-streaming the reveal moment for those who might not be able to attend in person. This allows everyone to be part of the experience, no matter where they are.

Need to host a virtual reveal? Check out our tips. 

Need some inspiration for a gender reveal? Here's our faves.

Remember to Say Thank You

After the reveal, make sure to thank everyone for participating. Sharing a post-reveal message expressing your gratitude can make guests feel appreciated. 

Now Go Have Fun!

A Gender Reveal Game on your Villie page is more than just a way to announce if you're having a boy or girl—it's a chance to connect with loved ones, share your joy, and make everyone feel involved in your special moment. With these tips, your game is sure to be a memorable part of your pregnancy journey. Get ready to have fun and make lasting memories!

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