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Logan Paul's Gender Reveal: WWE Style Wrestling Match

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Kimberly Jolasun

A unique twist to his gender reveal

Logan Paul, the WWE superstar and renowned internet personality, added a unique twist to his gender reveal with fiancee Nina Agdal. Instead of the typical cake-cutting or balloon-popping affair, they went full throttle with a wrestling match!

Picture this: a 1-on-1 showdown, where one wrestler donned pink trunks and the other sported blue. It was like a battle of hues, with the fate of the gender hanging in the balance.

Paul and Agdal share a long embrace after finding out they're having a baby girl this year

In a heart-pounding moment, the wrestler clad in pink emerged victorious, sealing the deal for a baby girl on the way for Agdal and Paul. As the wrestlers traded pinning combinations, the tension was palpable, until finally, the pink-trunked warrior triumphed.

The match's conclusion was met with cheers and applause, but the real celebration came with Paul and Agdal's heartfelt embrace. Front and center for the action, Paul had the best seat in the house to discover the gender of their child.

Amidst the excitement and joy, it was a touching moment shared between the expecting parents, marking the beginning of their journey into parenthood with a little girl on the horizon.

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