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7 Reasons Why You Need a Baby Page if You're Pregnant

September 11, 2023

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Claudia Sandino

Your digital baby page is not just a record but a living, breathing celebration of love, growth, and the incredible adventure of parenthood. 📸👶📱❤️

Having a Baby Website in 2023 is an absolute game-changer for new and expecting parents. Imagine creating an online haven where your entire village can rally around you, offering support and love as you embark on this incredible journey into parenthood. Your Villie Baby Page is your golden ticket to building and nurturing this virtual village.

With your Villie Baby Page you can stay seamlessly connected with your nearest and dearest. A place where your closest friends and family are just a click away, ready to support you every step of the way for all things baby-related. homepage

From epic baby showers to exciting gender reveals, your Villie Baby Page is your one stop source for all things baby celebrations. Multiple registries? No problem. Your page keeps them neatly organized and easily accessible for your loved ones, we even send reminders for you. Create photo albums that document your beautiful journey from pregnancy to parenthood. Share those crucial milestones and baby announcements from one place. The best part? Kickstart cash funds for you and your baby's needs; from Diaper funds to Doula funds, you can let your loved ones know what you really need. Here are 7 reasons why you need a baby page in 2023: 🚀👶💻"

1. It’s A Versatile Hub

With a Villie Baby Page, you can add multiple registries, create a gender reveal game, start a fund, and even include multiple events like your shower, gender reveal and even your first birthday or christenings! It's the ultimate space to share your joy with your loved ones, no matter where they are.

2. You Can Announce with Excitement

When your little one arrives, you can make a grand announcement on your Baby Page, and share the excitement with all of your loved ones, near and far. 

‍3. Capture Milestones and Share Safely and in Private 

From your baby's first smile to their first steps, you can record and share every milestone on your Baby Page, keeping everyone in the loop and preserving precious memories. Unlike social media platforms, your Villie Baby Page ensures a secure and private space to share your baby pictures with only those you choose.

‍‍4. Add a Gender Reveal Game and Make Money

Haven't announced the baby's gender? You can add a gender reveal game. The game lets your loved ones guess the baby's gender with votes. The game also helps you raise money because loved ones can contribute a cash gift with every vote. At the end of each game, a winner who guessed the right gender is selected at random and you can choose to award them a prize!

5. You Can Create Cash Funds

Safely and securely raise money for essentials that both you and baby will need. You can pick from our list of funds; Diaper fund, health fund, postpartum care fund, education fund, childcare fund, baby food fund or create your own. Payments are secure and you can cash out anytime and receive within 72 hours at no cost to you.

Accept Donation on Villie Baby Page Mock Example
6. You Can Create a Unique Link

Customize how you share by creating a unique link for your Baby Page, making it effortless for you and your loved ones to access it whenever needed. Since this is a one-stop shop, make it super easy and memorable for loved ones to find by customizing your link.[YOUR-UNIQUENESS-HERE] 

7. Celebrate - even beyond birth

Ensure no special moment goes unnoticed by adding important milestones to your Baby Page even after birth. You can keep your baby page active after you deliver to share baby updates and other celebrations like 1st birthday parties! Babies are expensive even after birth so you can use your baby website to keep everyone involved and in the loop as your baby grows.

‍Ready to Get Started?

At Villie, we've curated every feature of your Baby Page to optimize support from your loved ones and protect your precious memories. Our goal is to make it easy for you and your village to stay connected, while keeping your memories safe and cherished. Your loved ones want to be a part of your journey and show their support, and we've made it simple for them to do so. create a baby page

‍Create Your Baby Page

Create your Villie Baby Page today and embrace a delightful parenting experience with your loved ones by your side. In 2023, technology has opened up endless possibilities for staying connected and sharing your baby's journey. Your digital baby page is not just a record but a living, breathing celebration of love, growth, and the incredible adventure of parenthood.  📸👶📱❤️

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