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Your Ultimate Guide to Traveling with a Baby Under 2: Hacks and Tips

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Claudia Sandino

Ready to conquer the world of travel with your little sidekick? You've got this! We've gathered some seriously awesome hacks to make your journeys with a baby under 2 absolutely stress-free. Let's dive in! 💪🌟

Traveling with a baby can seem like a daunting task, especially when it’s your first flight with a baby under 2. I was honestly so nervous I started preparing and researching like a madwoman so I wrote this blog to save you the time and quite honestly the headache because spoiler alert, you can plan and prepare all you want but you cannot control the outcome. 

However, with the right attitude and a touch of planning, it can be a rewarding and unforgettable experience for both you and your little one. Whether you're headed on a road trip or taking your first flight together, these travel hacks will help you navigate the journey with ease. I got you ;) 

Pack smart and light 

Be efficient! Pack versatile clothing and minimize unnecessary items. Pack essentials like diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes in an easily accessible bag. I brought my Momcozy Travel Backpack and it was perfect because it is super light, fits everything (even insulates bottles) and it transforms into a changing mat. BONUS: Have easy access outfit changes for mom and dad to be extra prepared. 

Get there early 

I cannot stress this enough, we got to the airport very early and had everything we needed to check in easy access in my Kibou. Bringing your Kibou was a game changer because not only does it have an emergency changing pad and wipes pockets, I also had all of our travel documents in an easy access pouch. 

Timing Is key 

Choose travel times that align with your baby's schedule. Plan flights or departures during nap times or bedtime to increase the chances of a peaceful journey. I booked mine with this in mind and it truly helps, but also don’t fixate on this because it’s tough to control timing when you are traveling. So this helps, but if the flights don’t time perfectly with bedtime don’t worry. 

Snacks, food & water 

Keep your baby well-fed and hydrated. Prepare snacks and formula or breast milk in advance, and ensure you have extra bottles and cups on hand. I was very extra and checked a bag with formula. I also brought 4 6 oz pre-made formula bottles and 4 empty ones with extra formula already measured out and ready to mix with a water bottle and I was able to get all of it through security just fine for a 3 hour domestic flight. My baby does not snack yet so I only had to worry about his formula for this trip.  


Pack a selection of baby-friendly toys, books, and other entertainment options to keep your little one engaged during transit. We brought his favorite toys and his teething toys as well. If you also have an older baby that uses a tablet, download educational games and videos from TeahMeTV to avoid the overstimulation of youtube videos.

Travel-friendly gear 

Invest in travel-friendly baby gear like a lightweight stroller, portable crib, or baby carrier. These items will make navigating airports, streets, and attractions much smoother. Put your little one in a carrier once you pass security and it will be easier to navigate the airport and be hands free while keeping your baby close in a crowded airport. I brought my Baby Tula and it was absolutely perfect for us when we were waiting for our flight and also getting off the flight. We actually ordered a playpen to be delivered to our destination but if you call in advance you can make sure the hotel has a crib in your room when you check in. As far as strollers go, I highly recommend the Doona if you are traveling with an infant and if you do not need to bring a car seat with you make sure you have a lightweight stroller like the BABYZEN YOYO2 Stroller which is only 14 pounds.

traveling with baby tula
Seat selection strategies 

When my partner and I booked our flights we picked the aisle and window seat and left the middle unbooked, that way if it’s empty it’s a win and if it’s booked the person feels like although they are next to a baby they at least no longer have a middle seat. We also told our aisle friend that if the baby cried we would get him drinks, he was happy. Many airlines offer bassinets for long-haul flights, and aisle seats provide easier access for moving around.

Destination research 

Look into baby-friendly amenities at your destination, such as baby-friendly restaurants, parks, and attractions. This will help you plan your activities more effectively. Some resorts even offer nannies on-site.

Create a comfortable sleep environment 

Bring along items that can create a familiar sleep environment, like a favorite blanket or stuffed animal. You can also consider a portable white noise machine, like this one by Hatch that is made for travel to help your baby sleep soundly in new surroundings. I brought my Momcozy Baby Monitor which I bought for the trip but fell in love because it does everything and now I use it every day at home. 

My essentials from Amazon 

Right after I booked my trip I went to amazon because I needed some retail therapy that would calm me as I started thinking of all the unknowns of traveling with a baby. I bought a Travel Size Drying Rack with Bottle Brush which ended up being one of my most used items because you gotta wash those bottles even on vacation. My Munchkin Formula Dispensers also came in super handy because I had the formula already measured out and ready to mix if I ran out of my pre-made bottles. If you are looking for mini travel size toiletries for babies I brought this one made by Burt’s Bee’s and it’s the stuff I usually use so it worked out perfectly but you can just get whatever you usually use and I am sure they make a travel version or fill empty travel bottles with it.This is personal choice but if you want to protect your car seat definitely bring a travel car seat cover because you will have to check it in, this is the one I used and loved it because it also fits as a backpack. Lastly I did a travel must haves search on amazon so if you make a list of what you need check it off here 

Document precious moments 

Capture the journey with plenty of photos. These memories will become cherished keepsakes and a testament to your adventurous spirit. Add them to your baby page and let your loved ones know how everything went! Also a safe place to keep your baby memories, think baby book, but online; so you don’t have to cut, print, or paste anything! Just upload your albums and share your link with the fam! 

Relax and adapt 

Remember that traveling with a baby might not go perfectly as planned, and that's okay. Embrace flexibility and adapt to your baby's needs and mood. This is an adventure after all and how you handle every situation is part of the experience! Traveling with a baby is an opportunity to create lasting memories and introduce your little one to new experiences and fun adventures. I know people say they won’t remember but babies' brains are super active and these experiences shape who they become and how they think about comfort zones and adventures. Welp, there you have it, from efficient packing and the right travel gear to embracing flexibility, these tips will make your journey smoother and more enjoyable for the whole family. 

Happy travels! 

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