The Essential Guide to Baby Diapers: Everything New Parents Need to Know with Believe Baby

June 7, 2024

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Melissa Iftimie

Navigating the world of baby diapers is a lot. So, we took our long list of questions to the diaper pros at Believe Baby, the dad-founded company that makes the softest, purest and most leak-proof diaper we could find. This guide aims to answer all the questions. Let's go!

Three years ago, Joe and Uli read an article about diaper need in America. Some parents were forced to leave their children in dirty diapers while others had to choose between food or diapers. Their stories struck a chord. These dads had no experience in the diaper business, but you don't need experience to make or do something good for others… you just need the drive to do it. Now they are diaper pros!

How often should I change my baby’s diaper?

Aim for every 2 to 3 hours. But use your senses…you will need to change that diaper if:

  • You suspect (or smell) poop
  • The diaper looks extra full
  • First thing in the morning, and after naps
  • Your baby is squirmy or extra fussy
  • The ‘indicator strip’ that some diapers have turns blue

What size diaper is the right size for my baby?

The diaper needs to fit snug - so not too tight and not too loose. You should be able to comfortably fit two fingers between the diaper and your baby’s skin.

What’s the difference between disposable diapers and cloth diapers?

Cloth diapers are reusable and disposable diapers are one and done. There are usually tradeoffs between the convenience and environmental impact.

At Believe Baby we set out to create a diaper that is both convenient and eco-friendly. So it is possible to have both! 

How many diapers do I need?

You will go through about 3000 diapers in your baby’s first year! 

But when you break it down, we found that the number of diapers you need depends on how fast your baby grows (so size factors) and how frequently they go (they pee and poop less often as they grow). 

Newborns go the most. Get ready for 8-12 diaper changes per day. The number goes down as your baby grows. Expect to change about 6-9 diapers per day for the first 6 months or so, then it drops to 5-7 diapers per day.

What should I look for in a diaper?

Key factors include:

  • Absorbency: The diaper should be able to hold enough liquid without leaking.
  • Fit and Comfort: Look for soft materials and a snug fit around the waist and legs without being too tight.
  • Breathability: Good air circulation helps prevent diaper rash.
  • Skin Sensitivity: If your baby has sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free options are crucial.

What are diapers made of?

Most disposable diapers are made from a combination of:

  • Super absorbent polymers (SAP) for liquid absorption.
  • Wood pulp for additional absorption and to keep SAP in place.
  • Non-woven fabric for the inner and outer lining.
  • Elastic and adhesive materials for a snug fit.
  • Some diapers have chlorine, latex, alcohol, PVC, lotions and phthalates

Did you have trouble pronouncing some of these things? At Believe Baby our diapers are made out of bamboo and we leave out harmful chemicals and additives! So they are extra soft, super absorbent, hypoallergenic and eco friendly. 

What’s up with diaper sizes?

Every diaper brand fits a bit differently. Most are sized based on a baby’s weight. 

How do I know if it’s time to move up in size?

You’ll just know. Look at the fit, diapers should never be tight and should not leave red marks on your baby’s waist or thighs. If it’s hard to fasten, it’s too small. Another clue: blowouts. This usually means it’s time. 

Tip: The tabs on the shoulders of a onesie make it easy to remove the newborn’s clothes downward rather than over their head in the case of a blowout.

How Long Will My Baby Need Diapers?

It seems like forever. Most kids start potty training around 2.5 to 3 years old, but many still wear pull ups at night. 

What are your tips to change a newborn’s diaper?

You’ve got to watch out for the umbilical cord stump. While this is healing, you don’t want it to get in any of the messes inside the diaper, so fold the diaper down to keep it uncovered to prevent an infected umbilical cord. Some baby diapers like ours even have a belly button cutout to make things easier for you.

How do I prevent diaper rash?

Diaper rash happens. To prevent it, frequently change baby’s diaper (especially when it’s hot out). Make sure baby’s bum is dry before you put the diaper back on. And last, take a look at your diapers. It’s not just about what is in the diaper, but what is left out. At Believe Baby we purposely left out fragrances and chemicals that can irritate your baby’s skin.

What do I do if my baby has diaper rash?

Poor baby! It happens. Tackle them early with a solid diaper rash cream. Go for something without fragrance if you can, to keep irritants to a minimum. Just plain Aquaphor can work wonders! It also doubles as a skin protectant when your little one needs it. 

Tip: Use a makeup brush to apply diaper cream.

What about other tips to change a diaper?

Our favorite tip: Use the onesie to keep your baby’s arms away from the dirty diaper. Just roll the onesie up over your baby’s arms.

Another one that is important so you don’t get sprayed: Place a wet wipe against your baby’s belly before you take the diaper off to make sure she goes while the diaper is on and not all over you.

Is there a way to find diaper deals?

Diapers are a recurring expense. If you are looking for deals, you can save when you buy in bulk, or get a diaper subscription. Some store brands are very good options, too.

We at Believe Baby have a subscription that gives you the best deal (and we throw in some wipes - on us!)

What’s diaper need? 

One in two U.S. families struggle to afford diapers. And there are currently no national governmental assistance programs to help cover the cost of diapers. Diaper need has a ripple effect on families that can impact health, employment, education, and even social relationships. Having enough diapers gives parents and children alike the security they need to thrive and prosper.

Believe Baby is here to solve Diaper need– they donate a Believe Diaper and a Believe Wipe to a U.S. family in need for every one you buy.

Enjoy it, really!

Diaper changes are more than just routine; they're special moments to bond and connect with your baby. As you tackle this task, remember every day is a gift. Enjoy it!

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