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Your Go-To Guide for Visiting a Newborn

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Claudia Sandino

About to pay a visit to the cutest new addition in town? Well, hold onto your excitement, because we're about to break down some "Newborn Visit Etiquette 101." Buckle up, because we're diving in to make this visit pure magic! πŸš€

Your favorite people just welcomed a brand new tiny human into the world, and you're all kinds of excited to meet the cuteness. We totally get it! But before you dash out to say hello, let's have a quick heart-to-heart about how to make your visit super awesome for both the new parents and their adorable bundle of joy.

Timing is everything

Newborns have their own clock, and it's a wild one. So, before you go planning that visit, hit up the parents and make sure it's a good time. Remember, sleepy babies and exhausted parents might need a bit of a heads up.

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Super clean hands, High-hive

Tiny humans have delicate immune systems, so a quick scrub before you hold the baby is a golden rule. Also, if you're rocking a cold or a sniffle, maybe hold off on your visit to save everyone the stress.

Short and sweet wins the race

Hey, we know you're stoked to hang out, but keep your visit on the shorter side, especially in those first few weeks. Parents are champs, but they could use a break.

Gift it up, buddy

Here's your chance to be the gift-giving legend! Think practical stuff like diapers or a yummy meal that'll make life easier. They'll be totally grateful for your thoughtful touch. Don’t know what to get them? Find something on their baby page wish list.

Help offered, not expected

It's sweet to offer help, but remember, parents are doing a superhero-level juggling act. Offer specific things you can do like grabbing groceries and totally respect their "no" if they need their space.

Their rules, their kingdom

Different families, different vibes. Some love a big crew visiting, while others prefer a low-key hang. Respect their wishes and roll with it. It's their baby party, after all!

Want to hold the baby?

Hold that thought! If you're bursting with excitement to hold the baby, awesome! Just remember, it's important to ask first. Some parents might have their own groove going, or they are still in a state of bonding with their baby, a simple "Mind if I hold the little cutie?" is appreciated. I know the first weeks I did not want anyone holding my baby, so keep that in mind.Β 

Check on the rockstars

Hold up, don't forget the new parents! While the baby's stealing the show, show some love to the ones who made it all happen. A simple "How are you holding up?" convo and a hug goes a long way.

Snaps? Ask first!

You wanna capture those adorable moments? Awesome! But make sure you ask if it's cool before you go all shutter happy. Some parents have a pic limit, some do not want their kids on social media, and we're all about respecting their vibes.

Don't judge the nest

New parents are probably not rocking a Pinterest-perfect house. Instead of mentioning the mess, cheer them on, and don't sweat the small stuff, or maybe ask them if you could help.

Keep the love flowing

After the visit, shoot them a sweet message, it's like a virtual high-five that'll make their day.

You're all set! Show up with your love, be helpful, respect their space, and don’t forget the parents. This is about celebrating the epic moment with your fave peeps. You got this! πŸŽ‰πŸ‘ΆπŸ’–

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