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10 Tips for Designing a Montessori Nursery and Functional Furniture Ideas

October 13, 2023

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Claudia Sandino

Designing a Montessori-inspired nursery offers a harmonious blend of beauty and functionality. Your little one will thrive in an environment that encourages independence, creativity, and exploration.

Get ready to transform your baby's space into a haven of beauty and wonder. By crafting a serene, organized, and engaging space, you're giving them the best start in their journey of exploration and learning. Enjoy every moment of this incredible adventure into parenthood! πŸŒŸπŸ‘ΆπŸ’–

10 Tips for Designing a Montessori Nursery and Functional Furniture Ideas

1. Embrace the Calming Colors

Think colors that exude tranquility. Soft pastels like gentle greens, serene blues, earthy browns, and cozy whites. These hues set the stage for a peaceful and focused atmosphere, perfect for your little explorer.

2. Furniture: Low and Lovely

Montessori principles champion independence and exploration. Choose furniture that's low, accessible, and beautifully simple. A floor bed, pint-sized tables and chairs, and low bookshelves are the stars of the show. Opt for natural materials like wood and cotton for that warm, tactile feel.

3. Organize with Open Shelves

Open shelving makes it easy for your child to reach for books and toys and encourages tidiness. Display a curated selection of age-appropriate items, switching them up regularly to keep things interesting.

4. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are like secret windows to another world for babies. Install a full-length, shatterproof mirror at your baby's eye level. It's not just mesmerizing; it helps them develop spatial awareness.

5. Let Nature In

Invite the outdoors inside! Natural light and fresh air are fundamental to a Montessori nursery. Opt for sheer curtains or blinds that let sunlight dance through. And keep that room well-ventilated for a healthy, invigorating vibe.

6. Sensory Magic with Mobiles

Montessori mobiles are like enchanting dance partners for your baby's senses. Hang these captivating creations above the floor bed. They're designed to engage little eyes and foster concentration.

7. Art from Nature

Nature-themed artwork and potted plants bring a touch of the great outdoors to your baby's haven. Surround them with the wonders of the natural world through soft, nature-inspired decor.

8. Safety First, Always

Safety is non-negotiable. Secure heavy furniture to the wall to prevent accidents. Opt for non-toxic, baby-safe paints and finishes. And don't forget to baby-proof outlets and cabinets!

9. Declutter and Breathe

Less is more in a Montessori nursery. Keep the space clutter-free, focusing on essentials rather than overcrowding with toys and furniture.

10. Encourage Independence

As your tiny tot grows, introduce child-sized tools. A low mirror for dressing, a mini potty, and a tiny sink for those adorable little hands – these all nurture your baby's budding independence.

Functional Nursery Furniture Ideas & Inspo

If you're considering the Montessori approach to nursery design, you're in for a treat! Montessori nurseries focus on fostering independence, encouraging exploration, and creating a serene atmosphere for both babies and parents. One of the joys of preparing a Montessori nursery is carefully selecting items that combine functionality with adorable aesthetics. Our team of moms curated the cutest Montessori items to elevate the charm and functionality of your nursery.

‍The 3-in-1 Wave Crib

A dreamy haven for your little one's slumber. πŸ’€πŸŒŠ This beautifully designed crib offers safety, style, and functionality. Make your baby's nursery a tranquil paradise with the Wave Crib. The 3-in-1 Wave Crib, inspired by the movement of the ocean, converts from a mini crib, to full crib, to toddler bed. All of this in an organically shaped, modern design that will fit in (or more likely stand out) wherever it goes.

wave crib

The Wave Dresser

Designed to be the perfect match to our Wave crib. Rounded edges and a modern profile make for a design that can be a statement in the nursery and beyond. It includes four drawers and a side cabinet with a removable rod for hanging clothes or additional storage.

wave dresser

The 3-in-1 Cloud Crib

Inspired by the light and airy movement of clouds, is a dream come to life. Playful wood accents on a white backdrop feel as fresh as they do classic. Whether in its mini, full or toddler form, this nature inspired piece will feel right at home wherever nap time or nighttime takes place.

cloud crib

The Cloud Dresser

Designed to pair perfectly with our Cloud crib in walnut. It features detailed legs, wood drawer pulls and three deep drawers for keeping all of baby's things organized.

the cloud dresses

The Palm Crib

An unexpected classic, the 3-in-1 Palm Crib easily converts from bassinet to full crib to toddler bed. Its lockable wheels make it effortless to move from room to room without compromising safety. Featuring sleek walnut and rattan accents, this crib is a statement piece that brings sophistication to any nursery.

palm crib nestig

Spyglass Shelf

Say hello to stylish and functional organization with Nestig's Shelf! πŸ“šβœ¨ This mid-sized shelf boasts four open shelves that are perfect for displaying your child's favorite books, toys, and cherished items. Keep everything easily accessible and beautifully showcased in your nursery or child's room. Elevate your organization game with the Trending Spyglass Shelf from Nestig!

nestig nursery

Safari Wall Mural

Explore a world of imagination with Nestig's collection of Murals! 🌍✨ These captivating designs transform your nursery into a realm of wonder, sparking your little one's curiosity and creativity. From enchanting forests to dreamy skies, you'll find the perfect mural to set the scene for your baby's dreams. This is the African savanna hand-illustrated wall mural. Printed on non-toxic, pvc-free paper with Greenguard Gold certified inks. Explore the collection now!

Seabound Shelf

Unexpected and whimsical, this seafaring shelf is the perfect addition to a nautical nursery. Featuring a toy bin base with three sail-shaped shelves, this piece is sure to float your boat!

nautical nursery

‍Navigator Shelf

If you're on the lookout for the perfect shelf to keep your little one's essentials organized and accessible, the Navigator Shelf from Nestig is the one! It's not just any shelf; it's a stylish and functional addition to your baby's nursery. With its modern design and practicality, it's a must-have for any Montessori inspired nursery.

nursery furniture

Explorer Shelf

Let's talk about nursery organization, the Explorer Shelf from Nestig is here to make your life a whole lot easier! This trendy and practical shelf is not just for keeping your baby's essentials in one place; it's also an eye-catching piece of nursery decor. If you're ready to add both style and functionality to your little one's space, this shelf is it.

Blossom Rug

The Blossom Rug, and to be honest any rug from Nestig will be stealing the show in your nursery! 🌼 This super-soft, high-quality rug is the perfect addition to create a cozy and stylish nursery for your little one. It's not just a rug; it's a statement piece that ties the room together. Say goodbye to cold feet and hello to warmth, comfort, and a touch of whimsy. Sprinkle a little charm into your baby's space with the Blossom Rug! 🌷

nursery rug

Starship Nursery Essentials

The Nestig Starship Nursery Essentials perfect for a nursery inspired by the wonders of outer space. This kit features their Starship mobile, a mobile arm (available in white or natural wood), the Starship quilt and their Cosmic sheets (available in mini or full size).

nestig nursery

The Cloud Side Table

Discover the perfect addition to your nursery decor, the Cloud Side Table by Nestig. ☁️🌟 This charming side table offers convenience and style in one. Add a touch of whimsy to your baby's nursery with the Cloud Side Table. It's where functionality meets enchantment. Delight in summer skies with this light-hearted side table, a sweet and practical addition to any nursery.

Designing a Montessori nursery is about more than creating a pretty room; it's about fostering your child's natural curiosity and independence. By crafting a serene, organized, and engaging space, you're giving them the best start in their journey of exploration and learning. Enjoy every moment of this incredible adventure into parenthood! Head over to Nestig and start designing your perfect Montessori Nursery πŸŒŸπŸ‘ΆπŸ’–


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