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How To Play The Gender Reveal Game

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Kimberly Jolasun

Learn more about our Gender Reveal Game.

Introducing the Gender Reveal Game—a fun way to involve friends and family from anywhere in the world in your gender reveal celebration! This  game is not only free but also a fantastic way to engage your loved ones and support your baby. It's a win-win! Setting up your personalized game is as easy.

The game is nestled within your Villie Page.

Step 1

Create a Villie account.  Fill in your details.

  • Simply fill in your details and give your game a catchy name.
  • Game end date
    • The duration of your game is up to you, but shorter timelines tend to generate more excitement.
  • Decide whether to offer a prize to a randomly selected winner who guesses correctly.
  • Choose if you want to raise funds alongside the excitement by allowing bids on gender guesses.

Step 2

Share! Spread the word about your game with family, friends, or even on social media. The more you share, the more you can earn. People can bid any amount for a chance to win the prize while guessing the baby's gender, building excitement around your pregnancy.

Step 3

As the game comes to a close and the gender is finally revealed, a single winner is automatically selected. If you've opted to offer a prize, you'll send it their way, while also raising funds if you've chosen to do so.

Why should you play Villie's gender reveal game? Beyond the excitement of the game itself, your Villie Page serves as a hub to keep all participants updated on your journey—from pregnancy milestones to baby registries. Upload photos, share updates, and continue to raise funds for your little one, all in one convenient location. Plus, stay tuned for more exciting games coming soon!

So, are you ready to embark on this exciting journey and create lasting memories with your growing family? Let's get started!

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