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Gender-Neutral or Gender-Specific? How to choose the best baby carrier with Baby Tula

August 1, 2023

Author -

Claudia Sandino

Get ready to find your perfect baby carrier with our trusted baby wearing experts at Baby Tula.

It’s tough to find a good baby carrier

I was so excited to wear my baby. I even got four different carriers from my baby registry! But once it was time to put them to use I hated every single one. What a flop! Was it user error? I know there are a ton of resources out there to help you become a baby wearing mom, but it just wasn’t clicking. I ended up returning all four. I was so sad and gave up on baby wearing.

A few days later I met my mom's group out for lunch and another mom had the cutest carrier. She showed off how it worked and everyone was floored. It was adorbs! It was easy to put on! Her baby loved it! I decided to give baby wearing  a second chance. I headed over to the Baby Tula and I’m telling you - you should too.

When does a baby carrier come in handy?

When you find the right baby carrier, it’s a game changer. Here are the times a baby carrier will come in handy:

  • When you travel. It’s nice to have an extra hand when you get through the airport.
  • Hiking or going for a walk around the block.
  • Around the house - some babies need some extra help taking naps and a carrier helps you be productive during a contact nap.

What features matter?

So many! You’ve got choices on color preference, comfort, style, functionality, and safety. Some carriers are better suited for a woman's body. If you plan on sharing the carrier with your partner or your sister keep their preferences in mind too. Let’s dig in a bit to each.

Gender-Neutral or Gender-Specific

Had I only known how many times I would ask myself this question! I am the kind of person that loves the color pink and if I can buy it in pink, it’s happening. When I found out I was pregnant with a boy, I decided that I would try to go for the more neutral colors. I have now come to realize that there are times for me to have my pink diaper bag, my neutral stroller, my blue bouncer, and my green carrier. The truth is that choosing the color of anything when you have a baby has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with how you feel when you use it. 


Look for features like adjustable straps, padded shoulder straps, and waistbands to ensure proper weight distribution and comfort for both you and your baby. 


For a carrier, this means does your baby have proper neck support and hip alignment. Everything should feel secure - so be mindful of the buckles and fastenings. Research the brand's reputation for safety and read reviews from other parents to gather feedback on the carrier's safety features.


Opt for a durable carrier made of high-quality materials. A well-made carrier will last longer and provide better support for your baby. Consider reputable brands like Baby Tula -- known for quality craftsmanship and durability. 


There are a few ways to assess the versatility of a baby carrier. Here are some:

  • carrying positions (think sling, forward facing, backpack, etc)
  • age and weight restrictions 
  • level of support it provides (for some you can extend this by purchasing newborn inserts)
Colors + Patterns

This one feels big! The color of your baby carrier is personal. What's your vibe? Pick a color that resonates with you and matches your style. Don't feel limited by traditional gender norms and instead focus on what makes you feel confident and comfortable. Yes - just because you have a boy doesn’t mean you have to wear a blue carrier. IMO this is more of a baby wearer fashion accessory!

What if I Need Help?

After my big flop in finding a baby carrier, I discovered that some brands offer help! Baby Tula offers a free baby wearing fit consultation. These consultations are totally free and ensure that you can confidently wear the carrier correctly. 

How does it work?

I booked a time and then hopped on a video link. The experts reviewed my baby's stats and helped set up the carrier to fit age, weight, and height. This personalized assistance can significantly improve your baby wearing experience and address any concerns you may have. Seriously, my baby would cry every time I would try to put him in a carrier. During the Baby Tula baby wearing consultation he did not make a peep and by the end of the free consultation, I was wearing my baby all over the house and he was loving it so much he tried to eat it! 

If you're uncertain about which carrier is best for you, take advantage of the consultation to explore the different options. You can do this while you’re still pregnant or when you and your baby need some baby wearing help.  Bonus! You can book your consultation before or after you purchase your Baby Tula carriers. 

My Pick 

I went gender -neutral with Baby Tula

Specifically I chose this Explore in green because when I wear my carrier I want to feel like I am in full adventure mode (and when I’m in public with my baby that’s how I feel!). Plus green just exudes that. Get me? But of course they have a ton of fun options, and also neutral options; whatever your aesthetic is, they can surely match it!

Other things for you to think about - your wardrobe or if you are sharing it with your partner. My closet is mostly neutral so the green carrier adds a cute pop of color to any outfit. It was also a bonus that green also happens to be a color we all love! So there you have it, the very scientific method of how I choose the perfect Baby Tula Carrier for me and my baby. 

Go Get (Baby) Carried Away!

Book your free consultation HERE or visit the Baby Tula website to find the perfect carrier that meets your requirements and preferences. Remember, the ultimate goal is to choose a carrier that provides comfort, safety, and joy for you and your little one, and if you can choose a color or pattern that fits your vibe, I would say that’s the perfect choice for you!

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