Health and Wellness Products: Your Must Have Baby Registry Guide

May 17, 2023

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Kimberly Jolasun

Welcome to a new era of baby registries.

According to a recent survey done by What to Expect, more moms than ever are finally using their baby registry as a place to start adding the essentials - the no-frill things that parents (moms especially!) actually need whenever they come home from the hospital with a new human to take care of. Gone are the days of adding wipe warmers and fancy bedding (boring bedding means safe sleep!), as we’ve entered a new era in baby registries.

Instead, moms are focusing on the basics - the everyday items you will use nonstop and not know what to do with your life if you run out of them. There is also a HUGE focus on health and wellness items for both mom and baby that not only make the weeks following your baby’s arrival easier but the months and years that follow, too. 

Full stop: we are here for it! 

The best health and wellness baby registry items you didn’t know you needed 

Take our advice (we’re moms who have been there) and add these health and wellness baby registry items to your list. While we can’t promise sleep-filled nights, we can promise that these products will make a difference in your everyday mom life. More time for baby snuggles!

The NozeBot

Did you know that most babies can’t breathe through their mouth up until they are one year old? It’s true! Being primarily nose-breathers, it makes everyday things like sleeping and eating hard whenever your little one is the slightest bit congested. Enter the NozeBot, an electric baby nasal aspirator that provides hospital-grade suction from the comfort of your own home - no manual sucking required (yuck!). Developed by a Pediatric ENT, the NozeBot gives you the ability to use the aspirator with one hand while you use the other to stabilize your baby’s head (no alligator wrestling!) and clear congestion in seconds. 

Dr. Noze Best is a pediatric wellness company founded by Dr. Steve Goudy, a pediatric ENT. Our hero product, the NozeBot, is a baby nasal aspirator with hospital-grade suction that clears your baby’s congestion in seconds - no manual sucking snot required!

This thing works!

Believe Diapers 

Believe Baby is deeply rooted in kindness. Being kind in business, to the planet, to our skin and to our neighbors. Their diapers are made from bamboo and are free from irritants such as natural rubber latex, alcohol, perfumes, PVC, lotions, TBT and Phthalates. Bamboo is soft, odorless and breathable, making Believe the perfect choice for your baby.

FullWell Vitamins

Keeping your health in the forefront after you have a new baby is crucial so that you can be your best self to take care of your new little love bug. Fare a great way to support your prenatal and postnatal nutrition journey. They offer a lineup of clean, traceable formulas for when it matters most. These products are science-backed, third-party tested, and designed with key nutrients to help meet the heightened nutrient demands of being a new mama.

Earth Mama Postpartum Recovery + Breastfeeding Box

This Earth Mama Postpartum Recover + Breastfeeding Box does pretty much everything for a new mom except the laundry (we kid, we kid). Specifically formulated for 4th-trimester postpartum recovery and breastfeeding support, this bundle will be your best helper in bringing soothing comfort without any potentially harmful ingredients so you can rest easy and focus on getting to know your sweet new baby. More than ever, moms are realizing how important their vaginal health is after giving birth and are not afraid to speak up about it. This box will help take a little bit of stress off of your personal recovery by having it handy and waiting for you when you arrive home from the hospital. 

Probiotics (for both mom and baby)

A happy, healthy gut makes for a happy mom and baby! Probiotics support both the immune and digestive function of both mom and baby and quite frankly make for fewer pooping problems daily - which happens a lot after giving birth. The Mary Ruth brand is a one-stop shop for liquid, easy-to-take probiotics for both baby and mom that can be administered directly into your mouth. Your tummies will thank you!

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