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What Do You Do When the Gender Reveal Blood Test is Wrong? You Go With It!

March 6, 2024

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Melissa Iftimie

Maria’s story went from blue to pink in an unexpected way! This is more than a wrong gender reveal. Meet the mom who shows us the beauty of life’s unpredictability.

Can Your Gender Reveal Be Wrong? 

Yes, but it’s really rare! Like so very rare. But, it could happen! And it did to Maria! Learn how a wrong gender reveal led to an incredible birth story and is inspiring us all.

Maria’s Story Starts with a Blood Test

Maria, already a mom to two boys, was so happy when her prenatal blood test revealed she was having another boy. This blood test, called the NIPT is 99% accurate! The family, no stranger to boys, was so happy. They had all the clothing and gear they already needed.

Maria is ready for a boy!

Was the Ultrasound Wrong Too?

It is possible that an ultrasound can be wrong. But, that’s not what happened here. For this pregnancy, Maria wanted to keep things natural. She opted out of the later ultrasounds, trusting her body to do what it was supposed to do. 

For many of us, there are multiple ultrasounds and blood tests to confirm and reconfirm gender, but not in Maria’s story!

Here Comes Baby!

Then came the big day. Baby was here! But in a twist straight out of a storybook, what was expected to be a boy turned out to be a girl. Maria and her husband were shocked. This moment, Maria recalls, was the biggest surprise of her life.

The arrival of her daughter, named Alexandra, was a sweet surprise that reshaped her life and her family's. Alexandra is the very first granddaughter.

JK, Maria had a girl!

What Should You Do If This Happens to You?

If you find yourself sharing the same shoes as Maria, Maria wanted to share some tips!

Go With the Flow

Like Maria says, some surprises are miracles and we couldn’t agree more.  She speaks of the importance of not closing off to possibilities, of adjusting and accepting what life brings. Her story resonates with a powerful message: "Embrace what's meant to be. God knows what we need and when we need it."

And for her and her family, that was a precious baby girl.

Ask the Blood Testing Company for a Refund

Maria was able to get a full refund from the blood testing company. They also had a hard time believing what happened so she had to provide additional proof! In this case it was her baby’s birth certificate. 

Select a New Winner for your Gender Reveal Game

Maria had already chosen a winner for her Gender Reveal Game, so she had to redo the winner from those who voted for girl! Villie was happy to help her do that. 

Keep Your Village Close

Maria’s husband and family are here to support her, no matter what. At the end of the day, a healthy baby is all that matters. They are loving on this new baby and helping her out as a new mom.

Embrace Change

Maria's journey is a reminder that every twist in life’s path has a purpose. Her experience echoes the words of Einstein: "The measure of intelligence is the ability to change." This change, she illustrates, is not just about accepting new realities but also about growing and learning from them.

Wrong Gender Reveal? You’ve Got This

Maria's story is more than just about a gender reveal gone awry; it's a narrative of faith, change, and the miracles that life can bring when we least expect them. It's a reminder to listen to your body, trust the process, and most importantly, to embrace whatever comes your way with open arms and a grateful heart.

Thank you, Maria for sharing your story. xoxo

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