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Gender-Reveal Desserts: Delicious Ideas for Your Babys Reveal

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Kimberly Jolasun

Ready to drool? Use a yummy dessert to reveal boy or girl. Here is our round up of the most epic gender-reveal desserts.

Are you planning a gender reveal party? One of our favorite details of any party is the food - specifically dessert. Ready for our gender reveal favorites? These desserts take the stage to reveal the gender of your baby. 

A Piñata-style cake

Do you want to reveal the gender when you cut the cake? Then this memorable cake option is for you. How does it work? Gather your friends and family around and get ready. When you cut the cake and either pink or blue sprinkles or candies cascade out. Be prepared to hear cries of joy.

Surprise inside a cake 

This is a sweet idea that includes a simple one-layer cake with a fantastic surprise inside every slice. You can choose to have a pink or blue toy, think a small heart or crown, hidden inside in to reveal the gender. Make sure the toy is big enough to see, and warn guests ahead of time to avoid choking!


Everyone loves cupcakes. Choose plain chocolate or vanilla cupcake and decorate it with a question mark. When your guests break into it, they will find either blue or pink cream filling. Voila!

Fruit tarts

Color the cream cheese base — either blue or pink — and cover it entirely with fresh fruits. As your guests consume them, your baby’s gender will be revealed.

Cake pops

Cake pops are sweet, simple, and a fun way to reveal the gender. You can pass them around with pink and blue sticks, so the guests must bite into them to reveal the gender. Just make sure they don’t pop the whole thing in their mouth at once or they will miss the surprise!


Cannoli are delicious, and you can customize them to an exciting gender reveal dessert. All you have to do is pipe in either blue or pink filling and cover the ends and top with a white filling. So, when your guests nibble an end, the gender is revealed.

Get creative!

There are millions of gender reveal dessert ideas. The best part is you can customize the ideas to create something new and fun — unique to you and your style. Gender reveal is a celebration, and what’s better to wind up a celebration than having a fantastic creative dessert?

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