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Top Amazon Picks: Essential Baby Registry Items Every Mom Needs

September 20, 2023

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Claudia Sandino

These thoughtful and practical gifts will help you feel cherished and supported throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Let's build a baby registry with YOU in mind! As you prepare for the arrival of your precious little one, it's essential to remember that this journey is as much about you as it is about your baby. Building your baby registry with yourself in mind ensures that you're equipped with the tools, comforts, and essentials to make this experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Looking to add some new mom must-haves to your baby registry? We've got your back! Our team of new, experienced, and even expecting moms curated this list with all of the items we added to our registries for ourselves and also some items we wished we added! This list is all about keeping you comfy, happy, and worry-free. Let's jump in! πŸ›οΈπŸ’•

1. Comfortable Maternity Loungewear

Comfort is key during pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Start by adding soft and stretchy maternity loungewear to your registry. These cozy outfits are perfect for relaxing at home while still feeling stylish and some options you can even use for both pregnancy and postpartum. Shop Amazon for Comfy Loungewear.

maternity loungewear on amazon

2. A Fresh New Robe

You want to treat yourself to a new comfy robe that you can rock as you recover at home. I found it uncomfortable to put clothes on or take them off at first and I did so much skin to skin and breastfeeding that it was easier to just wear a robe. This might be one of those underrated items you do not even think about but come in extra handy when you prepare beforehand. 10/10 recommend treating yourself to a luxurious new robe by adding it to your baby registry and having some of your loved ones get it for you. Shop Nice Robes on Amazon.

comfy robes on amazon

3. Stylish Comfy Slippers

Post-pregnancy self-care essential! These UGG Slippers offer the ultimate comfort and relaxation for tired feet. Pamper yourself with cozy warmth and luxurious softness, providing a well-deserved treat after the beautiful journey of pregnancy. Your feet will thank you! These are a must if you are building a registry with your feet in mind also!Β 

UGG Slippers

4. Coffee Machine (Highly Underrated)

If you love coffee and you do not have a coffee machine, this is without a doubt an absolute perfect time to add one to your baby registry. This might seem like an odd "baby" item to you but trust me, your friends and family will immediately understand why you added this item to your baby registry. Shop Coffee Machines on Amazon.

coffee machine on amazon
5. Clean Water System for You and Your Family

Chances are you already have a source of clean water, but if you don't because you just moved to a new place like I was (or other reason) this is 100% a must. I actually returned some items I ended up not needing from my registry and bought this reverse osmosis water purifier instead. Whether you are getting something for your counter or installing something on your sink, find a solution that works for you and if you do not have one, add it to your registry. Babies need clean water and you will need to hydrate more than ever during pregnancy and as you recover. Shop Water Filter Systems on Amazon.

water filter on amazon

6. Frida Mom Pregnancy Pillow

Sleep is precious during pregnancy. Ensure you get the rest you need by including a supportive pregnancy pillow on your registry. It can provide relief from backaches and discomfort, promoting a good night's sleep. My personal favorite is this Frida Mom Pregnancy Pillow that you can adjust to use in different positions. Add this to your registry for sure if you are sharing it with loved ones early on in your pregnancy because trust me, you will want it as you get closer to your due date.

Frida Baby Pregnancy Pillow

7. Prenatal and Postpartum Self-Care Items

Pamper yourself with a selection of self-care items. Consider adding scented candles, bath salts, skincare products, and put that plush robe to good use and create your own soothing sanctuary for relaxation through pregnancy and beyond.

spa gift for mom on amazon

8. Frida Postpartum Recovery Kit

Prepare for postpartum recovery with a kit that includes essentials like maternity pads, soothing spray, and comfortable disposable underwear. This thoughtful addition will make your recovery period more comfortable. Adding this kit to your registry is something I will never regret doing because these items can get a bit costly and having your loved ones gift them to you is totally the move if you can make it happen. There is also one for C-section and you can also add the items individually to your registry instead of doing the kit. Shop Frida Mom Products on Amazon.


Frida Mom Recovery on Amazon

9. Baby Tula Carrier for Hands-Free Bonding

A baby carrier is a practical item that allows you to bond with your baby while keeping your hands free for other tasks or simply enjoying quality time together. Add this to your registry for you and baby! Baby Tula has the cutest colors and patterns, feel free to mix and match carriers and add a few options to your registry.

baby tula carrier on amazon

10. Momcozy Nursing Pillow

If you plan on breastfeeding, add a nursing pillow to your registry. If you don't plan on Nursing, add one also. Nursing pillows help you, baby, and even dad by providing support and convenience when holding your newborn. My personal favorite was the Momcozy Nursing Pillow because it also has so many other functions beyond just nursing.

dad holding baby
mom holding baby

11. Momcozy Nursing Bras

This is a no brainer for any mom that is planning on nursing or pumping as well. I love the quality, functionality, and price point of all Momcozy Bras and you can always return them if you do not use them but I definitely recommend also getting your village involved in getting you these by adding them to your registry so you have them ready if you end up needing them. I did not do this and I found myself ordering them last minute, but once I did it was a total game changer.

Momcozy models in nursing bras

12. Gift Cards for Flexibility

When in doubt, request gift cards to your favorite stores, restaurants, or online retailers. They offer the flexibility to choose items that you need most during pregnancy and beyond. Consider including gift certificates for meal delivery services to ensure you have delicious and nutritious meals during the postpartum period. I remember realizing I could add Gift Cards to my Amazon Registry and being so happy I did!Β 

uber eats gift card

13.The Play Gym by Lovevery

This might seem like a product for baby but you will be the one enjoying your hot coffee as your baby passes the time distracted having fun with this play gym. It also grows with your baby from tummy time to playing fort it keeps your baby busy so you can enjoy a few minutes to yourself. So yes, it's for your baby, but you reap the benefits also! Add it to your registry and get your village to pitch in on these high ticket items.

Play gym for baby

14. An Exercise Ball

If you have not gotten one or yourself yet I would also add this to your registry. Towards the end of my pregnancy I could only get comfortable sitting on the exercise ball, whether it was for work or watching TV. I also used it during labor and after labor I used it to work on my pelvic floor strength and sometimes even to bounce the baby to sleep. Needless to say, it came in handy and I am still using it to this day as a work chair and for my at-home workouts. Get it on Amazon.

exercise ball usage
15. Momcozy S12 Pro Hands-Free Breast Pump

Whether you plan on getting a pump for free through insurance or renting one, why not add a hands free pump that insurance will not cover like the Momcozy S12 Pro Hands Free Breast Pump to your registry and let your loved ones get it for you! Add it to your Registry Now.

momcozy handsfree pumping
16. Stanley Tumbler, Stay Hydrated!

This tumbler is like a total mom must-have, and honestly, I'm obsessed with mine. The price is a tad on the higher side, but that's what makes it a prime pick for your baby registry. Trust me, your squad and fam will be over the moon to snag this tumbler for you!

Stanley Tumbler

17. A Rocking Chair You Love

Picture yourself gently soothing your little one to sleep in this cozy haven. My rocking chair is most definitely one of my most used items, you will spend a ton of time in that chair so make sure you get one you love. This is another item that your loved ones would be so happy to purchase for you. Add it to your registry, and you'll be rocking parenthood in style! Shop Nursery Chairs on Amazon.

rocking chair
18. Sephora Gift Card

You will want to stock up on your favorite lotions, face wash, even some makeup, or shampoo. Whatever it is you love from Sephora, you deserve it and your guests will be so glad they can sneak a gift card in there just for mom!

Sephora git card
19. Snacks! Yes, Lots of Them

Ain't no shame in your snack game! May as well start planning ahead and get your village to get some snacks you love for that postpartum recovery period. Pro tip: Add Coconut water or some of your other favorite hydrating drinks as well. Shop snacks on Amazon for you Baby Registry.

a bunch of snacks
20. Magic Gel Breast Ice Pack

If you plan on nursing or pumping make sure to add some ice packs, to be honest ice packs come in handy for a variety of birthing scenarios so don't shy away from adding them to your baby shower registry.

boob ice packs


21. Momcozy Warming Lactation Massager

Another item that is often overlooked is this lactation massager for breastfeeding or pumping moms. This Momcozy Lactation Massager is my absolute favorite and it ended up being one of my most used items when i was breastfeeding and pumping.

Momcozy boob massager
22. Frida Mom Sore Nipple Set

Breastfeeding can take its toll on your nipples. So save your sore, fed up nips with a 2-step set made to soothe + hydrate. It’s the ultimate nipple play and a total must add to your baby registry.

Frida mom products
23. Comfy and Cute PJs

We know we already recommended cute loungewear but also consider some cute PJ's because you will be living in them for a few weeks during recovery. I found that having these cute sets handy made me feel less bummy. Add them to your baby registry guilt free and thank your loved ones for making you feel postpartum chic even if it is to just hang out in your bed with your new best friend.

cute pjs set
24. Food and Laptop Tray for Your Bed

This tray came in so handy for eating in bed, and I was also able to use it as a desk on my bed when I had to get some work in or even watch some shows. This is another one of those items that you don't really think to add to your baby registry but once you realize you need it, you almost have to! Get it on Amazon here.


laptop bed tray
25. Books & Journals You Want

Another underused item in baby registries are books or journals for mom. Add some books you want to read while in recovery or maybe a journal to remember this time in your life. Eventually it all becomes a blur, so it's nice to keep a journal and keep those precious yet long days forever in your keepsake.

new mom journal

‍26. Prenatal Yoga or Fitness Classes

Prenatal yoga or fitness classes offer relaxation, fitness, and a chance to connect with other expectant mothers. Consider adding a class package to your registry. It's not just about pampering yourself; it's about nurturing that pregnancy glow! And guess what? You can totally make it happen with your Villie Baby Page. Just set up a "Prenatal Yoga Fund," and let your village shower you with wellness love!

27. Add a Doula Fund to your Baby Website

You can also add a "Doula Fund" to your baby website. Doula care is all about that extra TLC and guidance, and it's a game-changer, I absolutely loved having a doula throughout my pregnancy. Use your Villie Baby Page to set it up, and let your village chip in to make sure you have that incredible doula support on your big day! You can actually add a fund for any big ticket item and let your village contribute and support you by purchasing things you actually want and need.

Building your perfect baby registry with yourself in mind is an act of self-love and preparation for the incredible journey of motherhood. These thoughtful and practical gifts will help you feel cherished and supported throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period. By prioritizing your comfort, well-being, and peace of mind, you're not only preparing for your baby's arrival but also nurturing yourself during this remarkable time in your life. Start your Villie Baby Website today and get your village involved every step of the way.


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