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Diaper Rash and Baby Skincare: What You Need to Know With Mavey Jaymes Founder Chris Resner

February 13, 2024

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When diaper rash got hard, this dad founded a company. We sat down with Chris Resner of Mavey Jaymes to talk all things diaper rash and learn how to choose baby skincare products.

I created The Powder fourteen years ago after battling relentless diaper rash with my oldest son, Beckett. As any parent knows, when your child is in pain, you're right there with them, questioning every move you've made.

If You Can't Find What You Need, Invent It

The products I counted on for help were filled with chemicals and preservatives and nothing was making the rash better. I couldn't sit back and watch. So I dove headfirst into the world of baby skincare, determined to find a solution. Cue Mavey Jaymes' diaper rash powder, made with just five simple, organic ingredients. Trust me, my kitchen turned into a full-blown laboratory, flour and flowers flying everywhere. But when Beckett's rash finally vanished, I knew I'd struck gold. My wife and I now have four children and an expanded product line and it felt fitting to name the company after my only daughter, Maven Jaymes.

Parenthood is a wild ride, full of ups and downs, right? But my hope is to add a little joy and peace into your journey, one clean ingredient at a time. You got this!

What is Diaper Rash?

Diaper rash is a common ‘everyday challenge’ we face as parents. It’s a form of dermatitis in babies where the diaper area can look inflamed, tender, and cause your baby discomfort, especially during diaper changes.

How Can I Prevent and Treat Diaper Rash?

There are some simple yet effective steps to prevent or treat diaper rash:

  • Keep the diaper dry. Skin can develop diaper rash if your baby wears a soiled diaper for too long.
  • Use the right size diaper. An overly snug diaper causes chaffing and rubbing, a prime foundation for a rash.
  • Wash your hands diaper changes. 
  • Use enough baby wipes to thoroughly clean the diaper area, but avoid saturating with extra moisture. 
  • Give special attention to product ingredients. We are here to help! 

This article is not medical advice. If you need medical attention or advice, your pediatrician is the expert. 

What Should I Know About Baby Skin Product Ingredients?

I spent a lot of time learning about how to treat and prevent diaper rash, so you don't have to. Here are the big take aways.

Opt for Natural Products to Treat and Prevent Diaper Rash

At Mavey Jaymes, we firmly advocate for harnessing the therapeutic power of nature. Can you easily pronounce all the ingredients listed? Are they familiar to you? If not, consider utilizing the Environmental Working Group’s database to gain insights into each component.

When addressing diaper rash concerns, prioritize products designed to soothe irritation and absorb moisture. Our Mavey Jaymes powder, enriched with calendula and lavender, exemplifies this commitment to natural efficacy.

Watch Your Diaper Rash Language

Numerous additives in baby skincare formulations can trigger irritation, particularly for infants with sensitive skin. Here are four common claims to scrutinize:


While suggestive of reduced allergenic potential, this term lacks regulation. At Mavey Jaymes, we maintain transparency and simplicity, ensuring that every ingredient serves a purpose.


Parabens are synthetic chemicals or preservatives used in skincare products to give them longer shelf life. The parabens that are most commonly used in skincare products are Methylparaben, Butylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Isopropylparaben and Ethylparaben. We prioritize formulations devoid of these compounds to uphold safety standards.


Distinct from unscented, this designation indicates the absence of synthetic fragrances, which can provoke adverse reactions in sensitive individuals, including infants.


PEGs are polyethylene glycols. This is a category of petroleum-based compounds that are frequently used in creams, gels and lotions. They can cause skin irritation and reactions. To see if a PEG is in your product, scan the label for polyethylene glycol, polyethylene oxide, and polyoxyethylene.

Bottom Line: Embrace Simplicity for all Baby Skincare Products

As a parent, the pursuit of solutions for diaper rash may seem daunting, but simplicity often proves paramount. Begin with allowing some air time for your baby's skin to breathe, choosing the correctly sized diaper, and avoiding excess moisture. Should you seek a product, consider exploring our Mavey Jaymes powder. With a thoughtfully curated blend of essential ingredients and a commitment to purity, it provides everything your baby needs, without compromise.

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