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Breast Pump Finder Quiz

January 12, 2024

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Melissa Iftimie

Answer these questions to find the best breast pump for you!

We all know that breastfeeding is a superpower in itself, but let's face it – sometimes, we need a little extra help. That's where the trusty breast pump comes in. It's like your sidekick in the journey of motherhood, ready to step in when you need a break. But let’s be honest, breast pumps are kinda weird! And, there are a lot of options out there. They are truly unlike anything you’ve used before. So let us tell you what you need to know when you pick out a pump.

First, Will You Need a Breast Pump?

Most likely! But honestly, you won’t really know until you’re in the thick of it. Women pump for many different reasons. Here are the big ones:

  • It can give you more flexibility to be away from your baby. 
  • Pumping can help you maintain or increase your breastmilk supply. 
  • Pumps help moms give breast milk to babies who don’t like breastfeeding.

Can I Get a Free Breast Pump?

Good news! Health insurance plans in the US must provide coverage for breastfeeding support - and that includes breast pumps. So, what can you get covered? It depends on your state and your plan. Some cover up to a specific dollar amount - like $200. Some pumps will be completely covered by that amount, or you can pay the difference for a pump upgrade. 

For example, the Spectra S2 may be fully covered, but the Spectra S1 is $75. The difference between the pumps is the pink S2 must be plugged in to work, while the blue S1 has a battery so you can pump wherever. For us moms at Villie, this upgrade is well worth it!

Next, we’ll help you think through your lifestyle to see what upgrades you may want to consider.

How to Pick a Breast Pump that Fits Your Lifestyle

Here’s where our quiz comes in. You need to think through some things about your lifestyle. So here we go!

How Often Do You Need to Pump?

The answers here range from occasionally, to (what feels like) all of the time. If you plan to pump when you return to work, you will probably pump 4 or more times a day, for at least 15 minutes. If you plan to pump when you meet your friends out for lunch, you may only pump occasionally. 

If you anticipate lots of pumping, look for a ‘hospital-grade’ pump.

Where Will You Pump?

If you are at home or at work, will you be near an outlet? If you need to be near an outlet, will you be comfortable? Or do you have to move the couch every time you pump?

If you think power is a factor, be sure to pick a breast pump with a chargeable battery.

Do You Need to Pump Discreetly?

There are many wearable pump options. This means everything you need will stay on your body - including the motor and the collection cups. Some breast pumps fit in your shirt, while others do not. This may be important if you plan to pump in a meeting IRL, and it is not important if the meeting is on zoom.

Do You Want to Pump On-the-Go?

In your life, if you plan to travel you may end up pumping in the car or on vacation. This could impact the size of the pump you select, the power source or even if you have want two pumps.

How Easy Is It to Clean?

You will do a lot of breast pump part washing. Most parts can go in the dishwasher - yay! One way to reduce the load is to purchase multiple parts like flanges or collection cups. These extras will not be covered by insurance and the price ranges depending on the brand. 

Ask Your Friends!

It might feel like a strange question, but you’ve already asked about all the other baby gear you need so why not! Ask your friends what they have used and if they would recommend.

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