Black Women-Owned Companies for Your Pregnancy and Postpartum Journey

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Kimberly Jolasun

Explore products from the best Black-owned businesses that can enhance the journey for moms from pregnancy to postpartum and beyond.

Pregnancy and childbirth are times of great change, so moms, and their village have to make sure to take care of themselves - mind and body.

Now, there’s no magic wand to wave to make everything about the journey to motherhood perfect; however, we partnered with hiihat global to generate a very savvy list of Black-owned businesses whose products were created to cater to all moms and their babies, before and after birth. Read on to learn more about these products and hiihat’s commitment to your successful motherhood experience.

Rose Maternity Co

After 5 kids, this mom knows what you need to feel good postpartum. What started with undergarments now has a wonderful line of skincare products. We're excited to see what they launch next!

Matrescence Skin

Their collection of self and skincare products and candles feed the senses. With a list of ingredients that ensure the safe and healthy rejuvenation of mom’s skin and mind, the cleansers, scrubs, body butters and oils leave her skin bright and her glow even brighter, to remind her of her beauty and radiance. Take your pick of products that are made to treat: hyperpigmentation, sensitive, dry or dull skin.

Root Mama

Root Mama’s holistic approach to pre and post-natal care ensures that both mom and baby are in great hands all throughout this beautiful journey. From fertility to doula and lactation support, the wellbeing of mom and the health of the baby during their earliest days in the outside world is always the top priority. It’s all about health and healing, and the natural ways of getting there.

Preggo Leggings

Preggo Leggings apparel give you all the space you need to the growing bundle of joy in that curvy body. They also keep mommy’s belly fully covered, while being fiercely fabulous. They are maternity icons of comfort and style that stretch to make room for the newest addition to the family. You can also find items designed with compression panels to flatter and support the postpartum body.

Little Lovelies Studio

Share some kind words (and a good laugh) with your friends and loved ones with a growing family by sending them a unique greeting card all about babies. Little Lovelies custom card selection are easy yet thoughtful ways of letting them know that you’re thinking of them.

Pooters Diapers

These Black-owned diapers are extremely absorbent with a reusable cloth, free from chemicals and other ingredients that could irritate the baby’s skin. They’re made from premium hemp and organic cotton, which makes them breathable, safe and comfortable. When you grab a bag of diapers, you may want to try their cute diaper covers that can transform any outfit.

Happy Mango

If you’re a green mom-to-be, fill your space with baby furniture, car seats, strollers, clothes and toys from this Black-owned eco-friendly baby shop, Happy Mango. Almost everything is made from healthy, sustainable materials, their products are sure to last as long as those wonderful memories will. 

Tinky Poo Diapers

What’s cuter than diapers that reflect your baby? Representation matters at every age, and the images on these diapers and its associated wipes are proof of that. It also helps that they’re organic and super absorbent. Sold in packs of up to 34, these would go really well with their matching diaper bag.

My Mommy Wisdom

Natural and safe healing products that offer relief for common motherhood issues such as congestion and teething pains. With products that also help with feminine hygiene, milk supply and the appearance of stretch marks, My Mommy Wisdom makes sure that everyone looks and feel their best.


To help moms overcome the postpartum problems, Ebi’s traditional, plant-based teas, bath products and oils contribute to the overall healing. Together, they promote an easier and safe approach to self-care during that time, with high-quality, organic ingredients.  


This plant-based, natural postpartum care line focuses on the recovery and self-care of mom after birth. Herbal bath soaks and perineal balms that help relieve vaginal soreness and tears, and nipple soothing balms put mom at ease when dealing with the physical discomfort she may be experiencing.

CPR Wraps

Emergencies happen, so it’s important to always be prepared. This eco-friendly, non-woven fabric mask visually guides the user, step-by-step, on how to quickly and accurately administer CPR to an infant in need. 

Milky Mama

These sweet treats help moms increase their milk supply, which promotes breastfeeding. This line of cookies, brownies, iced teas and herbal supplements help to make sure that babies have all the milk and nutrition they need to grow up strong and healthy. Dietary restrictions for mom? No problem! They’ve got dairy-free options are also available.

Yini Bini Baby

Made with environmentally friendly, organic cotton fabrics, these clothes and accessories are soft, comfortable and breathable. The fact that they have no toxic inks to make these bodysuits, tees, rompers and even shoes perfect for newborns and even toddlers. You’ll also be able to find toys, nooks and other items for older children.

Rooted Baby Co.

Have you ever wanted anything for your baby, made with authentic African print fabrics? The culture and traditions of Ghana come alive through not only the designs on the sheets and swaddles but also the teething toys that you can find here.

Black Owned Baby Co.

Last but not least! If you’re looking for a Black-owned marketplace where you can find products specifically designed for mom and her baby? Black Owned Baby is it! They seamlessly can connect you with Black-owned products meant just for mom, dad, baby, and more. 


As a mother embarking on this baby and motherhood journey, whether it's your first or third time, a platform like hiihat simplifies your discovery of Black-owned products, services, and brands throughout parenthood. The search process is a refreshingly fast, accurate, and relevant experience when you actually find exactly what you’re looking for while actively supporting Black women-owned businesses and their communities.


Last but not least, let's talk Villie! We're biased, but Villie is our favorite company on this list. Founded by Ghanian-Amercian Kim Jolasun, Villie is on a mission to activate your village. From pregnancy to birth and beyond, Villie helps you get the support you need and want. We're not talking about gifts (but that too), we're talking the support you need to thive in parenthood.

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