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Meet Zomee: Check Out These Must Haves for New and Expecting Moms

April 10, 2024

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Melissa Iftimie

Zomee makes thoughtful, innovative products for expecting and new moms. We round up our favorite products. You’ll love them, and their price.

Pregnant? Building a registry? Shopping for a new mom? Meet Zomee. This brand does it all. Check out our favorite Zomee products.

Do You Know Zomee?

Zomee’s founder, Dina Shanowitz is a kickass Mompreneur. Like many founders, Dina created Zomee after her own experience breastfeeding her first. She needed a better pump - something powerful, but also faster, quieter and more efficient. Today Zomee has 3 types of pumps. And not just pumps, there is more to discover that are also must haves. They are thoughtfully designed, and at a great price. Here are some of our favorites.

@villiefam Zomee has been a life saver and made my life so much easier #momsoftiktok #newmomlife ♬ original sound - villiefamily

Zomee Fit Wearable Pump

A wearable breast pump means that the pump fits inside your bra while you pump. That’s right, the cords, the milk collection and the motor all fit in your bra. As a new mom with a toddler and dog, having the extra portability of a wearable works for me. In addition to all the features you expect a pump to have, some additional callouts for me are:  

  • The design is very discreet!
  • It’s real quiet.
  • There is a nipple correction mode if you have flat or inverted nipples. (If you know, you know!)
  • The collection capacity is 6 oz, on the higher side compared to other wearable pumps.
  • You can talk to a lactation consultant, if you need help.
zomee fit pump

Z2 Double Electric Breast Pump

This is Zomee’s newest addition to their pump family. So think of it as the latest and greatest you will find on the market. Some things we love about it are:

  • The pump can fit in your pocket!
  • The flanges are extra comfortable because they are silicone (not hard plastic).
  • It’s powerful.
  • You can talk to a lactation consultant, if you need help.

Milk Storage Bags

I’ve never seen a breastmilk storage bag be so helpful! The Zomee bags include not just a pump up message, but storage guidance. You may commit the storage and reheat rules to memory, but Grandma or a babysitter most certainly will not. This bag keeps your whole village on the same page when feeding your baby breastmilk. Hooray to that!

Silicone Scar Removal Sheets

Are you a C-section Mom like me? I’ve had two, and I just heard about these. Silicone sheets are scientifically proven to improve the appearance of your scar. And they’ve been the standard of care for 30+ years. Compared to other options you might find, these are friendly on your wallet.

Wearable Collection Cups for ANY Pump

These collection cups are brilliant! Zomee has transformed just about any electric pump into a wearable. So no matter who you choose for your pump, take a look at these. The cups fit right into your bra, giving you a bit more freedom to do what you need (or want!) to do.

Silver Nursing Cups

Silver nursing cups soothe and protect your nipples in between breastfeeding sessions. What makes them extra special is what they are made of - silver. Did you know silver is naturally antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial? Most importantly it is naturally anti-inflammatory, which means it brings some needed relief when your baby or pump is hard on your body.

Portable Breast Milk Chiller

We’ve come a long way as far as pumping on the go is concerned. Your employer must provide you with a safe and clean place to pump at work. But even in the best situations, it feels weird to leave our breastmilk behind in a shared fridge. Enter this breastmilk chiller. It’s a must have if you plan to pump at work! You can pump directly into it (so cool) and use it to safely collect and safely transport your stash.

Cross Body Pump + Diaper Bag

Cross body bags are all the rage where I live. This bag is cute and it carries your pumps. It is surprisingly rare to find this combination. Also, this bag is also another example of how thoughtful Zomee is; it comes with a changing pad. 

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