High Rollin’ Stroller: A Safety Guide to Pick the Best Stroller

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Claudia Sandino

When it comes to baby strollers, there are lots of options. Here is our guide to check for safety.

There are certain pieces of baby equipment you can’t put a price tag on. Strollers are one of those items. As busy as we moms are, we have to have equipment that is safe for our little ones and yet easy to manipulate and tuck away in our vehicles. We do not have time for — or the room for — big bulky strollers. Here’s a list of safety features to consider before you buy your stroller!

How about the seat belts?

You want to be sure the stroller you choose has a restraint system that connects between the legs and secures baby’s shoulders in an upright position. It’s so easy for a little one who is just learning to sit up to not be held up properly or even slip out of the stroller entirely when a stroller isn’t properly equipped with this safety measure.

Check the wheels

Larger wheels, while they can take up more trunk space, help mom navigate curbs and bumpy terrain, park paths, better. Look for wheels that swivel to make steering easier. The wheels should be well made and securely attached so they do not come loose from the stroller.

What if it rains, there are bugs, etc?

Since we use strollers for getting our babies outside in the elements, it’s imperative we purchase a stroller that offers proper protection. Look for a stroller with a canopy that will protect your child from harsh sunlight, wind, and rain!

Watch the feet

Make sure your favorite stroller has multiple seat positions and an adjustable footrest so as your baby grows you don’t have to worry about their feet getting tangled in the wheels. Adjustable seat positions grow with your baby as well, so they are safe and comfortable. Be sure the leg holes close so your infant will stay securely in the stroller. Strollers with permanent leg holes are for older children only — not infants.


Brakes are the fifth safety feature you want to carefully examine. There are many different styles of braking systems, including the little lever you push down near the wheel with the toe of your shoe, some have a bar you activate, and the one we are featuring here has an automatic braking system that activates when mom lets go of the handle. Amazing right? You want to be sure your stroller doesn’t leave your presence if you have to take your hands off of it for any reason whatsoever. We’ve all heard the stories of runaway strollers. Don’t let that be you.

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