Second Trimester

4 Months Pregnant: Welcome to the Second Trimester!

April 6, 2024

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Melissa Iftimie

Welcome to the second trimester! Let’s explore why some moms think this is the absolute best part of your pregnancy journey. 

Say Buh Bye to Morning Sickness

For many this gross feeling of the first trimester starts to go away. Not yet? Try these tips.. 

Hello Baby Bump! 

You are starting to show, and you can still move (just wait for week 30+!) This is the perfect time to flaunt your belly with comfort and style.

You’ve Got that Pregnancy Glow

And this means your hair and nails look real good! Seriously, when you’re pregnant you stop shedding so you actually have more hair!

Things Start to Feel Real: You know what we’re talking about? Channel this into building your registry or designing your nursery.

What About Work? 

Whether you work for yourself or for a big company, we’ve got 10 tips to balance business and your bump. 

Start Planning Your Gender Reveal

Your mid-pregnancy ultrasound might spill the beans (if you want it to). Start thinking about what you want to do to share the news!

Want to play a game? 

Did you know you can play a free Gender Reveal Game with your friends and family on your Baby Page? Check it out. It’s a lot of fun!

Want to have a party?

Get inspired by these viral gender reveals on Tik Tok! 

👑 Make the Most of Your Baby Page This Month

  • Get Your Family Involved in Virtual Gender Reveal Fun: Play our (free) Gender Reveal Game! It's a hoot, especially when your family gets a little competitive!
  • Belly Photo Time: Show off that beautiful bump in a photo. Now is the time to start one photo a week so you can see how you’re growing.
  • Show Off Your Fabulous Hair! 

Here's to You

Enjoy every single moment of this magical journey. You've got this!

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